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Mermaid costume

With Halloween in the air, what better a time is there for a mermaid costume article. Dressing as a mermaid is beloved in the hearts of both children and adults. Mermaids are beautiful and magical and transforming into one makes for a fun and enchanting time.

A mermaid costume is great for Halloween! For those who don’t participate in the popular hobby/profession of mermaiding, this may be the only time to express your inner mermaid!

A mermaid costume consists of a mermaid tail skirt and a top that is usually made with seashells. There are also accessories to think of! This will be a guide to the best mermaid costume pieces. You will also learn how to make a mermaid costume.

Mermaid costume little mermaid ariel red mermaid

In this article you will find:

Walkable mermaid tails

Mermaid tail skirts

Mermaid costume kids

Mermaid costume diy

Mermaid costume plus size

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Mermaid costume for baby

Mermaid costume amazon

Skeleton mermaid costume

Mermaid tail rental

Mermaid hair

Mermaid makeup

Mermaid prosthetics

Hipster Ariel costume

Mermaid costume for dog

Is a mermaid tail a costume?

Is mermaiding the same as cosplaying?

Mermaid tail rentals montreal costume halloween realistic


Walkable mermaid tails

For a mermaid costume, you’ll need a walkable mermaid tail. That just means it is open at the bottom and the skirt part is not as taut against the ankles. Some party princesses will wear these for performing as Ariel at kids’ parties.

There are many costumes to choose from, but you may already have a walkable tail if you are into mermaiding. Some brands that have open bottom tails are MagicTail, Finfun, and Aquamermaid. For any of those tails you can take out the monofin and walk in it. You could use one of those tails for a mermaid costume, though it would be a bit challenging to walk, as you’d have to take very small steps.

Mermaid tail skirts

The most important part of a mermaid costume is obviously the tail! So, you’ll need a mermaid tail skirt to wear. One with a fish scale pattern. A common mermaid tail skirt option is the holographic scale print spandex skirt that widens at the bottom to resemble a fluke.

Mermaid tail skirt green Ariel costume

Mermaid costume kids

By three years old, children have vivid imaginations and love to play dress-up. The Little Mermaid is a beloved film for children, so by three they likely have some understanding of mermaids, and little kids are often smitten with them. There are plenty of fun options for mermaid costumes, and don’t forget a seashell top! Perfect for a Halloween costume, or just for playing make-believe.

Costume below link

Mermaid costume kids halloween

Mermaid costume diy

If you’re on the crafty side, then this is for you! Making your own mermaid tail is a fun and therapeutic activity, at least if you’re the artsy type.

You can actually save a lot of money by making your own costume. You can find materials from the craft store, the fabric store, and even the dollar store! 

How to make a mermaid tail skirt

Here is a tutorial on how to make a mermaid tail skirt. This can be adapted for any size. It is a relatively easy project even for a beginner. It is all one piece of fabric, cut, and adhered together. It is best to sew this skirt together, but you can also use hot glue, or fabric glue.

  1.       Measure out how much fabric you will need. Typically for an adult tail you will need to buy around 2 yards of fabric. The dimensions of the fabric will be the circumference of your waist and the length of your legs.
  2.       To make a mermaid tail you will need stretch fabric. Look for a fabric that has holographic scales or is made of sequins. You can be creative and get any color or design you want!
  3.       You will need to trace out the shape of your tail on the back of the fabric, Use this pattern as a template. You just need to adjust it to your measurements.pattern  template mermaid tail DIY
  4.       Cut out two pieces of the fabric in the shape of the mermaid tail.
  5.       Place the pieces of fabric together with the outsides facing in.
  6.       Pin along the sides of the two pieces but leave the bottom and top open.
  7.       Sew or adhere the two pieces together.
  8.       Hem the top and bottom of skirt
  9.       Turn it right side out and it’s ready to wear!

Here is a video on how to make a mermaid tail skirt

Easy no sew mermaid tail costume:

Here’s an even easier tutorial for a mermaid tail costume. This one is very basic and is better suited for a kid’s costume, but you can still make one in any size for a quick costume. This mermaid tail will only be on the front of your body and will be tied around your waist. It’s super simple and you only need to cut one piece out of fabric.

Here is the shape you need to cut out on the piece of fabric.

 Mermaid tail shape felt

If you use a felt fabric then the tail will keep its fluke shape, but otherwise the fabric will droop, and you won’t be able to see the fin shape. In that case you will want to sew, glue, or staple a piece of string to the end of tip of one of the fins. Tie a knot in the end of the string so that it loops around your finger and then you can hold up your fin and see the fluke.


Another no sew method:

  1.       Trace the shape of your mermaid skirt onto two pieces of fabric. Then cut out the shape with a two-inch seem allowance.
  2.       Cut equal amounts of strips on both pieces.
  3.       Layer the pieces together with the outsides in and pin the pieces together in a few places so they will stay together.
  4.       Tie the strips from one piece to the strips on the other, going all the way down both sides.
  5.       Turn right side out and you have a wearable mermaid tail skirt!

How to make mermaid top

There are so many kinds of mermaid tops you could make. But we are going to share this DIY with you. This tutorial will show you how to make a classic seashell top. These are the tops Aquamermaid sells, so if you don’t have time to make your own you can get one here!

Here is a video on how to make this seashell bra.  

 You will need:

  •         2 large scallop seashells
  •         Pearls
  •         Paint
  •         Hot glue
  •         Nude color felt
  •         Nautical rope
  •         Scissors


  1.       Use acrylic paint of a color of your choice and paint your seashells (optional). Paint the edge of the shells white along the rounded part. Dilute your colored paint with some water to create a gradient effect.
  2.       Allow shells to dry before gluing on pearls or beads in your desired pattern.
  3.       Place the shells on top of the felt and trace them to create the lining of your top.
  4.       Cut out the felt lining.
  5.       Cut out the straps with the rope. You will need two long pieces.
  6.       Knot the ends of the rope.
  7.       Glue the straps to the inside of the shells (see video).
  8.       Hot glue felt on the inside of the shells over the straps.
  9.       Use E6000 glue to reinforce the glued spots and make this top waterproof. Be sure to do this outside because the glue gives off fumes.

How to make mermaid hair accessories:

Hair accessories are super easy to make and really add to your mermaid costume. You can make a basic clip with just a starfish or seashell glued to a clip or you could go above and beyond with this mermaid hairpiece DIY.

 For a fishnet, seaweed and seashell clip you will need:

  •         Metal clip
  •         Hot glue
  •         Plastic seaweed
  •         Seashells
  •         Fishnet
  •         Pearls
  1.       Glue the seaweed and fishnet to the back of the seashell using hot glue.
  2.       Let dry and reinforce with E6000 to make sure it will stay together and to waterproof it.
  3.       Decorate the front of the shell with smaller shells and pearls.
  4.       Carefully glue the clip to the back of the shell, making sure to put a piece of flat plastic in between the two clip pieces so you don’t glue it shut. It will be most secure if you use E6000 to glue it.

Mermaid hair clip diy 2

Mermaid hair clip diy 1

Mermaid costume plus size

Unfortunately, things are not always as accessible for plus size people. But there are still options!

If you want to buy a costume, here is a great one! It starts at 1x and goes up to 5x. It costs between $69 and $129.

Plus size mermaid tail costume

Another good option is to make your own costume. See the section above to find out how to make a mermaid costume.

Mermaid costume top

Seashell bras are the iconic mermaid top option. You could go with a realistic option of a top made of real scallop seashells, such as the ones Aquamermaid sells. You could also make your own with this tutorial.

Other options include bathing suit tops, tee shirts or tank tops with printed on shells, or a bralette with seashells sewn on.

mermaid bikini top diy real shell clamkini

More options include starfish tops, silicone seaweed tops, and decorated bra tops. This article shares the best mermaid tops that aren’t seashell bikinis for easy shopping!

mermaid top shirt print clam shell purple

Mermaid costume toddler

Toddlers don’t have to miss out on the mermaid fun! There are costumes available for them as well. You can also take the mermaid costume DIY instructions from above and just make one in a smaller size.

Etsy has some great options for toddler mermaid costumes.

Mermaid costume toddlers

Mermaid costume for baby

What’s more adorable than seeing a baby in a little mermaid tail? It’s a precious sight and makes for a great photo opportunity. Babies are too young to fully comprehend mermaids or be able to move around in a tail. The best option for an infant up to a two-year-old would be something simple like a mermaid tail blanket. They are usually knitted or crocheted mermaid tail shaped blankets that the legs can slide into like a sleeping bag. They are loose-fitting so there is room for the legs to move. They are nice and cozy. They aren’t meant to be swam in, they just look cute and provide warmth and comfort for the baby or toddler.

Mermaid costume for babies baby

Mermaid costume amazon

Amazon is the most popular form of shopping nowadays. You better believe they are rife with mermaid costumes for sale. You can get everything you need for a mermaid costume, and usually there are affordable options. Do be aware that you get what you pay for, so if you go for cheaper options the quality might not be the best.

Nonetheless, there are so many options. There is a wide selection of kids’ costumes, and many of them come complete with accessories such as gloves, crowns, jewelry, wands, and wigs. You can get a whole mermaid set for about $30. Easy and affordable.

They have mermaid costumes in many different colors, and even have costumes that resemble Ariel, from The Little Mermaid.

Mermaid costumes for women from Amazon

  1.     Adult Metallic Hologram Shiny Mermaid Skirt Costume  by Spooktacular Creations Adult Metallic Hologram Shiny Mermaid Skirt Costume  by Spooktacular Creations
  1.     Elite Mermaid Costume by Fun World
  2.  Elite Mermaid Costume by Fun World

Mermaid costume for kids from Amazon:

  1.     Girls Mermaid Costume Princess Dress Up with Accessories by Funna Girls Mermaid Costume Princess Dress Up with Accessories by Funna
  1.     Magical Mermaid Costume by Rubie’s
  2.  Magical Mermaid Costume by Rubie’s
  1.     Deluxe Mermaid Costume Set with Red Wig and Headband by Spooktacular Creations Deluxe Mermaid Costume Set with Red Wig and Headband by Spooktacular Creations
  1.     Child's Pink Mermaid Costume by Rubie’s 
  2. Child's Pink Mermaid Costume by Rubie’s
  1.     Halloween FX Mysterious Mermaid Child Costume by Halloween FX Halloween FX Mysterious Mermaid Child Costume by Halloween FX

Skeleton mermaid costume

For those of us into spookier things, mermaid skeleton costumes and tails are everything! A mermaid skeleton costume is absolutely perfect for Halloween. Here are some options:


Halloween Mermaid Skeleton Costume for Kids

   Halloween Mermaid Skeleton Costume for Kids



Girl's Zombie Mermaid Costume 

Girl's Zombie Mermaid Costume


Girls Skeleton Mermaid Halloween Costume 

Girls Skeleton Mermaid Halloween Costume


Women’s Skeleton Mermaid Costume 

Women’s Skeleton Mermaid Costume

Skeleton Mermaid Tail for Swimming: Here are some reputable companies that make mermaid tails with a skeleton design on them.

Mermaid tail rental

If you are looking for the look of a really high end mermaid tail you can rent one here.  

Mermaid Hair

Mermaid hair is an important part of the mermaid look! There are several methods for having a fin-tastic hairstyle to go with your costume.

  1.       Hair color- Mermaid hair is a beauty trend that involves dying your hair in multiple colors, typically pastel colors. But dying your hair any out-of-the-ordinary color adds to the mermaid look. Purple and blues are good mermaid colors, or red if you want to look like Ariel. You could dye your hair, use colored hair spray, or simply wear a wig.
  2.       Accessories- If you don’t feel like permanently changing your hair for your mermaid costume, try adding some mermaid hairpieces. You can make your own hairpieces with hot glue, seashells, and metal clips, all found at the craft store.

For more on mermaid hair, check out this article.

Mermaid makeup

Mermaid makeup is a part of the costume that can’t be neglected! Accentuate your beauty with bright colors and sparkly elements to add a mermaid vibe.

Here are two mermaid makeup looks.

Glamorous mermaid makeup

Follow these instructions for a stunning mermaid look. You’ll feel like a mermaid princess in this makeup style. It’s the perfect bold makeup for a mermaid costume, with sparkles and pretty colors.

  1. Start by priming your face with any face primer that you have. This will help keep your makeup on longer. It also limits the amount of makeup needed.
  1. Apply foundation over your entire face. Add a few little dabs all around your face, then pat your face with a makeup sponge to blend it. You could also use a brush to blend.
  1. Use concealer under your eyes to cover dark circles.
  1. Contour and highlight your face.  Contouring adds depth and definition to your face, highlighting your features, such as your cheek bones. Highlighter is a lighter color and contour is a darker color. You add the contour around the perimeter of your face, along your cheek bones, and on the sides of your nose. Highlighter goes along the front of your nose, on your cheeks, under your mouth, and between your lips and nose. After applying highlighter and contour, use a sponge or brush to blend them together.
  1.  Add blush. This adds some nice color to your face and really livens you up. For lighter skin, use light pinks, corals, and peach colors. For darker skin, deeper pinks and brown blush look best.
  1.  Brush eye shadow onto your eye lids. There are many different ways to get a pretty mermaid look on your eyes. You could use multiple colors, or even do a rainbow. We like the combination of blue and purple. Try adding a rich blue color along your lash line and expanding outward with a violet color. Then use a shimmer powder or gel glitter to make your eyes twinkle.
  1. Add some blue eyeliner to your water line. You can put it on the top of your eye as well.
  1. Apply mascara on both your top and bottom lashes. For extra mermaid vibes use a colored mascara like purple or blue, even white would look nice.
  1. Add your lipstick in a shade of blue, pink, or purple. Then add more shimmer powder or glitter onto your lips.
  1. Here’s the exciting part. The scales! You can use fishnet stockings for this scale effect. Place the fishnet stocking over your head and use a pigment such as eyeshadow to dab on teal, blue, or purple with a brush. It especially looks pretty if you do a few different shades. Carefully remove the stocking to reveal a magical mermaid scale look!
  1. Set your makeup with setting spray or brush some setting powder over your face.
  1.  Add anything else you want like face gems and pearls.

Spooky siren mermaid makeup

If you like things on the creepier side, this is the perfect tutorial for a Halloween mermaid makeup look. You’ll look like a scary (yet beautiful) evil siren. The face will look super pale, like a siren who’s been living underwater without sunlight. This look will also include dark blue lipstick and scales around the face. A few extra touches are to add white or black colored contacts, some fake fangs, and prosthetic gills on the neck.

  1. Start by priming your face. This will help keep your makeup on longer. It also limits the amount of makeup needed.
  1. Apply foundation over your entire face. Use a color lighter than your skin tone for a pale look.
  1. Use a dark blue pigment to cover the forehead and frame the face. Then use fishnet stocking and a lighter blue pigment to create a scale look.
  1.  Apply dark blue or black lipstick. Add some shimmer powder over top.
  1. Use a rich shade of blue for the eyeshadow. Then do a thick black line of eyeliner on the top and bottom water lines of your eyes, and on your eyelids.
  1. Use white mascara to coat your lashes.
  1. Use setting spray or powder to lock in the makeup.
  1. For extra creepiness use black or white colored contacts and add some fangs.
  1. And to add to your spooky mermaid Halloween look, check out our video where we show you how to make a webbed mermaid hand. 
  2. If you want to be REALLY scary, try some sharp teeth.

Mermaid prosthetics teeth gills

Mermaid prosthetics

To take things to a more creepy or realistic side, wear some latex prosthetics. This is if you really want to go above and beyond.


Gills for a Mermaid Standard by Tinsley Transfers

These gills will add an element of realism to your mermaid costume. These will really help you to fool kids that you are a real live mermaid straight out of the sea!

Webbed hands

Here is an easy tutorial for mermaid inspired webbed hands.

  1.       First you need to take a non-porous surface such as glass, plastic, metal, or varnished wood and trace your hands on it with your fingers spread.
  2.       Draw curved lines in between the fingers to resemble webbing.
  3.       Take some liquid latex and paint over the hand.
  4.       Use a sponge to smooth the latex.
  5.       Let it dry for about an hour before applying more layers.
  6.       Repeat until there are about four layers of latex.
  7.       Brush some baby powder onto your latex hands.
  8.       Begin to peel the hands off the surface and powder underneath with the brush as you gently pull up each piece.
  9.       Place your hand over the latex hand and begin painting the webbed part with a dark blue cream-based eye shadow.
  10.   Brush more powder after applying the color.
  11.   Start on the inner part of the hand with the darker blue, then make your way out with a lighter blue, creating a gradient effect.
  12.   Brush medical adhesive the rest of the latex hand and then place over your palm.
  13.   Let dry and then paint the palm of the hand with the makeup, using a dark blue.


Hipster Ariel costume

This is more of an Ariel inspired outfit than an actual costume. Try this hipster look out at a Halloween party or event. It’s cute, not too flashy, and still counts as a Halloween costume!

Ariel hipster costume tracy hines

It’s an easy ensemble to throw together. If you are obsessed with mermaids, you probably already have some of these things.

For the bottoms you just need either a skirt or leggings with mermaid scale print.

For the top use a tee shirt with purple seashells or just a simple purple tank top.

Add some thick framed glasses and something on your head like a beanie or seashell clip (see above for seashell clip instructions). You can also add the classic red wig or use temporary hair dye.

Wear some black shoes, such as flats, Doc Martens, Converse, or boots. This gives your outfit that edgy hipster vibe.

Here’s a great slouchy crocheted hat to go with the ensemble. Learn to make it here.

Mermaid tail crocheted hat

Since it’s getting chillier with each day, you might not want to show so much skin with your costume. Here is a warmer mermaid top option that also fits the hipster mermaid aesthetic:

Mermaid clam print sweater

Mermaid costume for dog

Don’t forget a costume for your best friend! How cute would it be to have matching costumes with your dog? Doggy mermaid costumes are adorable and here are some super cute options. 

  1.     Zack and Zoe Mermaid Costume For Dogs

Zack and Zoe Mermaid Costume For Dogs

This shiny dog mermiad costume comes with a lovely purple and blue tail, a seashell top, and a little headpiece.

  1.     Rubies Disney Princess Pet Costume

Rubies Disney Princess Pet Costume

This Little Mermaid Ariel costume comes with a mermaid tail, shell top, and wig for pets.

  1.     Cyeollo Mermaid Dog Costume

Cyeollo Mermaid Dog Costume

This costume will keep your dog warm and make them look like a beautiful mermaid! It runs up to size medium.

  1.     PetLoft Dog Life Jacket

PetLoft Dog Life Jacket

While this is technically not meant to be a costume, it still works as one. It is a life jacket but can also be your dog’s Halloween costume. This one runs up to size extra large.

Is a mermaid tail a costume?

This is a FAQ the mermaid community hears often. Many of us mermaids who wear/swim in mermaid tails would say a mermaid tail is not a costume. The difference between a costume and a swimming tail is that a costume is made for walking in, while a mermaid tail is made for swimming in.

Mermaid tails are sports equipment with flair, they are made for swimming in. They are made with durable swim material, and typically cannot be walked in. Mermaid costumes are not designed for swimming, and do not include monofins.

So, to answer the question, NO. A mermaid costume is cheaper, made for being able to move around in, and not meant for swimming in. A typical adult mermaid Halloween costume from the store is around $50 to $100 (you can find some high-quality costumes for sale by artists). Even a beginner's tail averages around $100. Mermaid tails are made out of high quality, durable materials, and are meant for swimming.

Costumes are for special occasions, but mermaiding is a hobby that is performed anytime, similar to cosplaying.

Is Mermaiding the same as cosplaying?

Some people have referred to mermaiding as “cosplaying.” Is it true? There are mixed opinions on this, and some people online feel very strongly about this topic.

Most mermaids would say they are not the same.

This article defines cosplaying as the following:

“Cosplay, a portmanteau of "costume play", is an activity and performance art in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character

For example, cosplayers will dress up as a character from a popular animes and video game characters. They attend conferences and recreate scenes and do photoshoots in their costumes.

Mermaids, on the other hand, create their own character, or mersona, as we call it. However if you dress as Ariel in a mermaid tail, then it would be considered cosplay.

Hope you enjoyed this guide and will put together the most fabulous mermaid costume!

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