Mermaid tails


AquaMermaid membership is a weekly program with a progressive learning plan over 6 levels. Small group sizes ensure individualized instruction and lots of fun! 

Stay fit while having fun and making your mermaid dreams come true!

Available for kids and adults.

What You'll Learn:

Swimmers will learn many variations of dolphin kick and arm movements through mermaid games and challenges. 
  • Mermaid swimming techniques
  • Synchronized swimming techniques 
  • Monofin swimming techniques 
  • Mermaid dances
  • Underwater acrobatic movements 
  • Breathing techniques
  • Improve endurance, cardio, & speed 

Mermaid Weekly Lessons Include:

  • Weekly classes with specialized mermaid instructors
  • Mermaid tail rental (or bring your own tail!)

Age groups: 

  • Kids ages 7-12 years
  • Teens 13+ & Adults

You can join AquaMermaid weekly lessons at any time of the year! 1-866-279-2767