Mermaid Job Openings

Mermaid Job Openings

If you’ve wondered how to get a job as a professional mermaid performer and you saw some mermaid job openings by Aquamermaid, check below for more information about our company. 

We want to eliminate any confusion about our performer’s program, so here is everything you need to know on that subject. 


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At Aquamermaid we love mermaids and we want to share our passion and excitement for this beautiful creature with as many people as possible. Real live mermaid performers for parties and special events are at the core of our services on top of our swimming lessons. 


Aquamermaid acts as a booking agent for mermaid performers in many cities. Over the last five years, Aquamermaid has booked hundreds of mermaid events and performers all across Canada and the United States. 

Kids mermaid birthday party


  • A professional website with information about our mermaid performer services.
  • 1-800 phone number and email customer service available seven days a week. 
  • Information about the mermaid parties and what they should expect.
  • Assurance of talented and professional performers.
  • Photos of the performers for approval.
  • Confirmed date and locations of events. 
  • Easy payment processing and clear contract. 
  • Guaranteed quality.

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  • Detailed instructions and training documents. 
  • No hassle gigs. You only need to show up to perform for one or two hours. 
  • Competitive rates.
  • Reliable, fast, and easy payment.

the little mermaid Ariel cosplay performer


  • Mermaid Performer Standards. Aquamermaid is upfront and transparent with all of its performers. Clear instructions are provided to performers about what is expected of them during each event and what their compensation is. We like to build long term relationships with our performers, sending them a recurring source of revenue and different opportunities to make more income, diversifying their services with performance, mermaid swimming lessons, and mermaid performances.
  • Mermaid Compensation. We offer payment starting at $100/gig as our base compensation for our performers. We do not require our performers to have expensive silicone tails. There are beautiful fabric tails available on the market. 

pink mermaid tail magic tail mermaid marielle on the beach

  • Aquamermaid Booking Services. Aquamermaid acts as a booking agent and supplies contracts to performers. As a performer, you should know the difference between working through an agent compared to booking contracts directly with customers. When you are booked for a gig by an agent your only job is to perform with your costume at the event for one or two hours. In comparison, if you book a contract directly with a customer there are more hours and work involved including marketing, customer service, and insurance…. This is why you get paid more when you book directly with the customer.
  • Aquamermaid is a Multifaceted Business. Aquamermaid takes a margin on each contract to sustain its operations. Aquamermaid runs a big operation providing jobs to many people including a receptionist, a marketing manager, a customer service representative in addition to over 150 mermaid performers, and swimming instructors on the ground. We have a high volume of bookings due to our hard work since 2015, building a solid reputation in the industry, and investing in long-lasting marketing strategies like SEO and content creation. As a mermaid school, our first mission is to educate and share our knowledge and expertise to all our partners to deliver the best quality service possible. This is why we like to be transparent in sharing this information with you. 
  • Aquamermaid Creating Jobs. Aquamermaid supplies contracts for local performers in many cities. We always prioritize performers that are based in the area where the gig is booked. Aquamermaid’s website is ranked for specific keywords and phrases like ‘’Mermaid for hire,’’ and is able to offer jobs to smaller performers who otherwise would not have been easily found by customers.

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  • Aquamermaid Competitive Pricing. Aquamermaid charges customers a standard rate of $250/hour for a mermaid performer. We want to keep our mermaid parties accessible for families and this is why we do not charge more. We respect that some performers have higher rates for high-end events and more sophisticated costumes and performances for shows, but that is not what we are specialized in. Our standard kid’s birthday party includes a beautiful mermaid who will swim, lead games, and take photos with the kids. 
  • Aquamermaid Contributing to the Local Economy. Aquamermaid operates Aquamermaid LLC. in the United States and Aquamermaid INC. in Canada. We are proud to create jobs, offer unique swimming lessons, and deliver magic in many communities around the world.  

Aquamermaid silicone mermaid tail purple and blue


  • Have a unique and consistent look that will become your brand of commerce. 
  • Have a healthy lifestyle, stay fit, and practice your swimming skills. 
  • Supply professional photos for casting. This will increase your chances of getting booked. 
  • Supply a demo-reel (video highlighting your best experiences)
  • Remember the ultimate selection of the mermaid is decided by the customer, not the booking agent. 
  • Get as much experience as possible: Working with kids, swimming in your tail, posing for photos, and acting to entertain guests. 

Mermaid underwater photo


  • Minimum age is 18 years old
  • You need to supply your own mermaid tail costume. 
  • Be an experienced swimmer and comfortable swimming in a mermaid tail.
  • Be physically fit.
  • Enjoys working with children.
  • Supply your own transportation to the event location.
  • Be photogenic

mermania mernation silicone mermaid tail


  • Punctuality (You should arrive a minimum of 20 minutes in advance to set up for your event) 
  • Reliability (When you commit to an event you do it, or you let us know in advance in case of emergency if you really cannot do it).
  • Easy to communicate with and fast responder.
  • Dynamic and positive energy.
  • Consistency with your look. You need to show up at the event looking like the photos you submitted. Relatively the same costume, hair, weight, and age. 
  • Clean social media: We are looking for a team player. Someone who is positive and sees other mermaids as friends and not competition. No bullying or harassment of any kind will be tolerated.  

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  • Relation between Aquamermaid and performer: The performer acts as a contractor for Aquamermaid and not an employee. 
  • Aquamermaid ambassador: When a mermaid is contracted for an event, she represents Aquamermaid company. She should not distribute personal advertisements like flyers or business cards for other mermaid work. If a customer is interested to book that same performer again please refer the customer to contact Aquamermaid directly mentioning the performer's name and we will schedule the next booking. 
  • Image and captureThe performer agrees to be filmed, recorded, and photographed during the event for the purposes of Aquamermaid. The Trainer agrees that Aquamermaid may use his name, image, and voice for any promotional material.
  • Assistant/Mertender: For events with up to 10 kids, the mermaid is the only representative at the party. Mermaids are always welcome to bring an assistant/merwrangler to help to carry equipment or to take photos, but there is no extra compensation for them. For bigger parties, Aquamermaid will supply extra compensation for you to bring an assistant. *Rate and number of kids may vary.  *To offer a flawless illusion of a real live mermaid when the performer is alone, the kids will be asked to stay inside the house by their parents while the mermaid dresses up directly on the pool deck. This removes the need from someone to carry the mermaid to the pool.
  • Bonus: Performers can accept tips and are allowed to stay longer at events if the customer invites them. However, make sure to be on your best behavior as you always represent Aquamermaid company even if you are not a mermaid anymore. 
  • Payments: If customer ask you questions about payments, please refer them to their Aquamermaid contact at or at 1-866-279-2767
  • Portfolio: We welcome all mermaid looks. If you have special hair colors, tattoos, piercing... Please make sure your unique style is visible in your photos. We want to make sure there are no unexpected surprises for our customers on the day of the party. That way customers can select the mermaid they prefer being aware of their full look.

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The professional mermaid world is a tough industry. With the increased popularity of mermaiding comes more professional mermaids, which some see as added competition. There are also many new voices with their own opinions, so disagreements often take place via social media. Drama sometimes sparks between mermaids with different pricing, different ideas, different views on subjects like environmentalism, and more. 

We would advise any new mermaids to be friendly with everyone. To work on your mermaid business and make partners and friends with the other mermaids around you. As your business grows you will need reliable people to work with you. 

If you don’t agree with someone, contact them directly to clarify the issue. Never assume anything before finding the facts. A phone call or DM can quickly solve a misunderstanding and prevent a lot of frustrations. At the end of the day, we are all mermaids and we do this because it makes us happy and it should stay this way :) 

Mermaid tail pink  magictail underwater in the red sea.

We really look forward to offering more and more mermaid events in the future. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to reach out to us directly at

If you are interested in joining our team of mermaid performers you can apply here.

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