Best Mermaid Names and Their Meanings

Best Mermaid Names and Their Meanings

When someone has to choose a name for their child, there is much consideration that goes into it. Sometimes they pick something they just like the sound of, but many feel it is important to find a meaningful name. Maybe they use the name of a beloved family member, or a word of significance, or a name honoring their heritage.

Choosing names isn’t just for those who are having babies. Maybe you’re writing a book and looking for character names, or you’re a mermaid searching for the perfect name to go with your mersona. Whatever the reason, there is usually thought that goes into picking a name.

Mermaid Stella

Mermaids and ocean lovers alike may be looking for the perfect name to represent their passion for all things aquatic and mystical.  

Whether you’re into the ocean or not, it’s undeniable that we are all connected to the sea. It covers the vast majority of the planet, provides us with food, helps regulate the climate, and gives many of us a euphoric feeling, well known among tourists, divers, sailors, and mermaids of course!

There is also the theory that life on Earth originated in the sea and everything evolved from there. 

Many myths surround the vast ocean blue. The sea is significant in many religions, from Poseidon ruling the sea, and Triton, a merman from Greek mythology, to Aegir, the Norse god who embodies the sea. In the more mainstream religion Christianity, baptisms have been performed in the sea, and Jesus was said to have walked on water. 

Water sustains us. Our bodies are about 60% water, and we can only go about three days without drinking water. It’s no wonder so many are drawn to the wonders of mermaiding. 

Here is a list of some beautiful names that sound fit for a mermaid. If you are looking for a baby name, a mersona name, a character name for a book or D and D character, here is a list of over a hundred names, along with their origin and meaning. This list consists of names with water/ocean/mermaid related words in them, names based on mythology, names whose meanings and translations are mermaid/ocean/water related, names based on characters from movies and shows, names that just sound pretty, and merman names, along with a special paragraph about Mermaid Marielle and her newborn baby.

 Mermaid ocean

Names with ocean or water-related words in them

These are all names for mermaids based after words relating to the sea, or any body of water. Some are homonyms of water and ocean-related words and some are exactly the same word.

Brooke- A brook is a small stream. You may have heard the phrase ‘babbling brook.’ They are known to be serene and quiet, with soft running water sounds and croaks of frogs. The name itself means ‘small stream.’ A variation of the name is Brooklyn.

Cecelia- Also has the sound of ‘sea’ in it. It is pronounced “seh-see-lee-uh” so it has “seal” in it, which is a marine animal. The name was popularized by the song “Cecelia” by Simon and Garfunkel. The meaning of the name is ‘someone who is blind to their own beauty.’ Mermaids are known for being beautiful and using their looks and their songs to lure in sailors. 

Chelsea- A female name of Old English origin. It could be considered an ocean related name because it ends in ‘sea’ and the ‘chel’ in the beginning is similar to ‘shell.’ Reverse the two syllables and it almost sounds like seashell. The true meaning of the name is ‘chalk landing place.’ A variation of the name is Kelsey.

Coralia- The ocean is home to diverse and beautiful coral reefs. Coral are marine invertebrates. Unknown to many, they are actually considered animals. Coralia means “like coral” and is Greek in origin. Similar names include Cora and Coraline. In an 18th century play, there was a dancing mermaid by the name or Coralia. 

Fay- Fay, or fae, refers to fairies, which are beautiful mythical creatures like mermaids. Some have even called mermaids water fairies. The name means ‘magic’ or ‘fairies,’ but also ‘confidence,’ ‘trust,’ and ‘belief.’ 

Gemma- When thinking about mermaid costumes and accessories, gems are widely used. Gemstones and little sparkly face gems are incorporated into mermaid fashion. As a name Gemma sounds beautiful and befitting of a mermaid. It is of Latin origin, and its meaning is simply ‘gemstone.’ A similar name is Gemini.

Harbor- There are a few reasons this is a good mermaid name. First, and most obvious, a harbor is the part of a body of water that is shallow enough to dock boats. In stories, mermaids are known to come near human boats and watch from afar. Harbor is also a name of English origin that means ‘shelter.’ Having shelter means being safe, and despite siren tales, there are also stories about mermaids rescuing people from drowning, such as in Disney’s The Little Mermaid. Harper is a variation of the name.

Lakelyn- Any name ending in ‘lyn’ is lovely in my opinion, and mermaids are said to be lovely and breathtaking creatures. This particular name also includes another body of water reference.  It is an American name meaning ‘beautiful lake.’ 

Mermaid photo underwater

Livia- A girl's name of Spanish and Latin origin meaning ‘blue, envious.’ It sounds like “live,” and I associate the ocean with life. It’s full of creatures, and it makes me feel alive. The ocean is also seen as blue, being called “deep blue sea,” and in The Little Mermaid it was called “the bottomless blue.” This is a variation of the name Olivia.

Luna- Luna is the name for the moon in many different languages. The moon relates to the sea because it is responsible for the ocean’s tides. The moon’s gravitational pull causes tidal force. Italy is the region of origin of the name Luna, which is a variation of Deluna.

Marina- A marina is a word for harbor for small boats. The word ‘marine,’ included in this name, refers to anything that is of the sea. The name also means ‘of the sea’ and is of Latin origin.

Oceanne- This one is very straightforward. No explanation needed. It’s a French name meaning ocean.

Pearl- Pearls are glistening pebble-like objects composed of calcium carbonates and are found within mollusks in the sea. In stories and for costumes mermaids don pearl accessories. Real pearls are quite valuable. As a name, it comes from England and has no meaning aside from a pearl.

Raine/Raina- It should go without saying that this name is related to water by being a synonym for precipitation. The name happens to mean ‘singing, queen’ from the Latin name Regina (a variation).  Mermaids are well known for their enchanting songs.

Shelby- This is a good ocean name since it has “shell” in it, as in seashell. It’s an English-derived name meaning “willow grove.”

Sierra- Though spelled differently, it has “sea” in it. There is also a paint color named ‘high sierra,’ a light blue. Sierra is a Spanish word for ‘mountain’ and indicates strength. That’s another way it works well as a mermaid name, since mermaids are considered strong and powerful creatures.

Sirena- This is the Spanish word for ‘siren,’ a phrase interchangeable with ‘mermaid.’ I myself consider sirens to be more alluring and sinister than mermaids. There are plenty of stories in mermaid lore where mermaids do not seduce and kill humans.

Sirenity- This name has ‘siren’ in it, which is another word for mermaid. The word ‘sirenity’ means peaceful, quiet, and calm, which is what the name means. It has French and English origins.

Mermaid mythology

Names based on mythology

There are copious tales of gods, goddesses and other ethereal characters that dwell in the sea. Characters of ancient stories are considered to be mythical, just like mermaids. Here are some mermaid names based on figures of folklore and ancient religions.

Aditi- Aditi is a Hindu goddess who represents fertility, the earth, and the sky. She personifies infinity, unconsciousness, and the past and future. The name comes from the Sanskrit word for ‘boundless.’ Some of its other meanings are ‘entire,’ ‘freedom,’ and ‘security.’

Ava- This name comes from Ved-Ava, a water deity. Ved-Ava is common in Finno-Urgic stories. She is depicted as a mermaid and is said to sing songs and seduce fishermen. The name Ava alone means ‘life’ and is of Latin origin.

Calypso- You may recognize the name from the sea goddess from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. She is from Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey as a sea nymph who captured Odysseus and lived on a mythical island, where she held him captive after falling in love with him. As the story goes, she was eventually commanded by Zeus to release him. She is known as a villain, so the name would be good for a darker, more siren-like mersona.

Celeste- This name is based on celestial bodies, which have mythological/astrological connections to the sea. For example, Neptune is the god of the sea, and is the name of a planet. The moon that floats in space is also responsible for the tides of the sea. Celeste also means ‘heavenly,’ which brings up visions of beautiful angels floating in the sky, similar to the peaceful ocean with angelic sirens swimming around and enchanting humans.

Cleo/Cleodora- Cleodora is a goddess in Greek mythology. She was a neiad and the daughter of a river god. The meaning of ‘cleo’ is ‘glory,’ and ‘dora’ means ‘gift.’

Dana- Dana, also known as Danu, or Anu, was a figure in Irish mythology. She was the Celtic goddess of the Danube and is known as the earth-mother goddess. The name Dana has multiple meanings. One meaning is ‘from Denmark,’ but in Hebrew it means ‘arbiter’ or ‘god is my judge.’ In Sanskrit and Pali, it means ‘generosity.’ 

Diana- She is the Roman goddess who is a patroness of the hunt, wildlife, crossroads, and the moon. She is also known as Artemis in Greek mythology. She is known as a triple goddess, a triad of herself, Egeria the water nymph, and Virbius, a woodland god. The name Diana takes its meaning from the goddess and represents beneficence and wellness.

Freyja- Pronounced “fray-uh.” Freyja is Old Norse for ‘lady’ and is the name of a Norse goddess. She is known for her love of beauty, fertility, romance, and fine possessions. 

Lillith- Lillith is a figure in Jewish mythology, known as the first wife of Adam. She was said to have been created at the same time as Adam, and made from the same clay, as opposed to the story with Eve, who was created later than Adam and formed from his rib. Lillith refused to be subservient to Adam and decided to leave the garden of Eden. Modern interpreters count her as a dangerous demon who is of the darkness. She is believed to be associated with Satan, but she also represents female empowerment, autonomy, and individuality. Other stories depict her as an evil, sexually deviant, baby stealer. The name may be better suited as a character name for a mermaid performer, especially if you’re aiming for a darker, siren-like mersona.

Lorelei- Lorelei is a siren from a German folktale. She is based on a slate rock on the bank of the river Rhine called The Lorelei. Heavy currents surrounding the rock created a murmuring sound, which inspired many folktales, including one of a siren who sat on the rocks and combed her golden hair. The name means ‘alluring enchantress.’

Maera- This name was given to several figures in Greek mythology. Maera was the daughter of Atlas, a Titan condemned to hold up the celestial bodies for all eternity. It was also the name of a nereid and the daughter of the river god Erasmus. A variation of the name is Maira which means ‘sea dew.’ A variation of this name is Mara. In Syrian and Maltese, Mara means ‘woman’, in Gaelic ‘sea’, in Nigeria (Igbo) ‘beautiful’

Maya-Maya is an abbreviation of Yemaya, also known as Yemoja, who is an African sea goddess. She is frequently depicted as a mermaid and is considered the Ocean Mother Goddess in Santería, which is an Afro-Caribbean religion. She is now worshipped throughout the world. In Hindu mythology the name Maya means ‘illusion.’

Phoenix- A phoenix is a mythical bird from Greek folklore. The phoenix is a large, brilliantly colored bird that resembles flames and is said to live a long life and then set itself on fire and be reborn of the ashes. It symbolizes death and rebirth. The name means ‘dark red.’ It’s[OG1]  a good mermaid name for someone with a fiery colored tail.

Sabrina- In British folklore Sabrina is a nymph of the river of Severn. Her story is that she was the daughter of King Locrinus, who left his wife Gwendolen and had Sabrina with another woman. Sabrina and her mother were both drowned in the Severn river by Gwendolen, and that is how she became a nymph of the river and is also known as a goddess. The name itself is a translation of Severn that means ‘patience.’

Salacia- In ancient Roman mythology there was a goddess of salt water named Salacia, who was also a wife of Neptune. Neptune is the god of freshwater, also identified as Poseidon. The name comes from the Latin word ‘sal’ for salt.  

Thalia- Thalia was a type of Greek sea nymph, known as a nereid. Nereids are embodiments of the ocean’s beauty and were supposed to be the most beautiful and mystifying of sea nymphs. Thalia was one of fifty daughters of Nereus, ‘old man of the sea.’ She was known as the nereid of the ‘blooming sea.’ The name means ‘to blossom, or flourish.’

Viviane- In the Arthurian legend the Lady of the Lake, there is a fairy-like enchantress named Viviane. In The Legend of King Arthur she is the one who provided Arthur with the sword Excalibur, allowing him to kill Merlin and raise Lancelot. The name Viviane means ‘lively’ It is likely based on the French word ‘vivre,’ meaning ‘to live’ or ‘life.’

 Mermaid on a rock ocean

Names with ocean/water related meanings/translations

A good mermaid names doesn’t have to sound ocean-y or be based on mythology. Many names sound beautiful and translate to an ocean or water related word. These are names whose meanings and translations are based on words pertaining to the sea, to water, to nature, and to traits that describe mermaids.

Alexandria- This name means ‘defender of mankind’ or ‘defender of men.’ While you’ll hear many stories about mermaids drowning men, there are also ones about mermaids rescuing them, just like Ariel did to Eric in The Little Mermaid. The name comes from the city of Alexandria in Egypt. A variation is Alexandra. 

Anaella/Anaelle- Anaella is a form of Anna from the Breton language that means ‘favour, ‘grace.’ I’ve always considered mermaids to be graceful creatures, at least that’s how I feel when I swim as a mermaid.

Aria- Mermaids are known to sing hauntingly beautiful songs, and an aria is a word prevalent in music. It is a long song with a solo voice. It is ‘melody’ in Italian, and ‘gold,’ or ‘of high value’ in Albanian. The name means ‘air.’

Aurora- Aurora was the ancient Roman goddess of the dawn. Aurora Borealis is a name for the Northern Lights. Northern lights are a natural phenomenon that produces eerily beautiful colors in the sky, a magical experience.

Belle- Belle is the French word for ‘beautiful.’ It is short for Isabella, Annabelle, and Bella, with other variations possible. It’s fitting for a mermaid and is a good name for someone who is pure in heart, beautiful inside and out.

Charlotte- The female version of the name Charles. It means ‘free,’ and mermaids are creatures that roam free in the wild, spending their days in the ocean. A variation or nickname is Lottie.

Cordelia- The name Cordelia is a girl's name of Latin and Celtic origin meaning ‘heart; daughter of the sea’ or in Welsh it means ‘jewel of the sea.’

Corinna- This name is German, Italian, English, and Ancient Greek in origin. It means ‘maiden.’ This relates to mermaids because ‘maid’ is part of the word ‘mermaid,’ and mermaids are also historically depicted as female in fables and tales more frequently.

Darya/Daria- The name Darya is a girl's name of Russian origin meaning ‘kingly or the sea.’ The name is most commonly used in Russia and other Slavic countries.

Delphine- This name has multiple meanings. One is ‘woman from Delphi,’ a historical location in Greece. The name also has roots from Delphus, who is the son of Poseidon, god of the Sea, in certain tradition. In French, the name means ‘dolphin’ making it a wonderful mermaid name since dolphins are another sea creature, and the swim stroke used in mermaid swimming is the dolphin kick. 

Desiree- This is a French name that means ‘desired.’ Mermaids are highly desired creatures, subject to hunts by sailors. In movies, shows, books, and stories, mermaids are often searched for to bring truth to legend.

Elaina- Elaina is of Greek origin, a form of the name Helen. It means ‘torch,’ ‘beautiful,’ ‘corposant,’ or ‘shining.’ Those are all words that inspire images of mermaids, magic, and mythical creatures. A variation is the name Elliana, which has the same meaning.

Ella- Ella has German, English, Greek, and Spanish roots. Generally, it means ‘beautiful,’ ‘corposant,’ or ‘shining’ and in modern Hebrew it means ‘goddess.’ ‘Fairy maiden’ is another meaning of the name, which suits a mermaid well.

Elwynn- This name means ‘noble friend’ in High Old German, and ‘friend of the elves.’ Elves and mermaids are both mythical creatures that are prominent in fantasy and mythology.

Esme- This name means ‘to esteem,’ thus signifying ‘esteemed’ Esme is also used as a short form for the Spanish feminine name Esmeralda, meaning 'emerald'. An emerald is a shining green gem, like a mermaid tail.

Fontaine- Fontaine is a French word that means ‘fountain’ or ‘natural spring.’ Natural springs are beautiful and peaceful places frequently lounged in by mermaids. 

Ginevra- The name Ginevra is a girl's name of disputed origin. It is a variation of Guinevere and maybe Italian, Welsh, or British. Its meaning is ‘white shadow, white wave.’ Its Italian meaning is ‘fair and yielding.’

Gloria- Not only is this a beautiful name and subject of many songs, it also reminds me of mermaids because some might consider them to be glorious creatures. Sailors have had visions of them at sea, and many gods and goddesses are in the form of a merperson. This name comes from the Latin word ‘gloriae,’ which means ‘glory,’ ‘fame,’ ‘praise,’ and ‘honor.’

Grace/Gracelynn-This name means ‘graceful,’ a term that mermaids can usually be described as. They are known for enchanting human sailors with their charming, graceful ways, and their unearthly beauty. Swimming in a tail, it’s hard not to feel graceful.

Greta- Greta is a common name in Germany, Sweden, Poland, and Italy. It is a shortened version of the name Margaret or Margareta, which derives from the Greek word for ‘pearl.’ Pearls are lovely products of the ocean that are widely used as decorations and accessories for mermaids.

Guinevere- The name Guinevere is a girl's name of Welsh origin meaning ‘white shadow, white wave.’ Guinevere is also the name of a character from The Legend of Arthur. She is the beautiful wife of King Arthur.

Harmony- In musical terms, harmony is the combination of musical notes or voices that make a pleasant sound. The word also means ‘accord’ and ‘tranquility.’ It works well as a mermaid name given its definitions. Mermaid typically have angelic singing voices. There’s also a certain tranquility about the sea. The word comes from the Greek word ‘harmonia.’ There is also a folktale about a forest nymph named Harmonia.

Haven- Mrmaids in stories have frequently rescued people from drowning, like in Little Mermaid. Haven means safety, so depending on whether or not you think of yourself as a benevolent mermaid this name could be right for you.

Ila-The name Ila means ‘island’ or ‘earth.’ Islands are prominent in mermaid lore. In stories, sirens are often guardians of islands. They are also known to lounge on island beaches. Being surrounded by the salty sea, islands are the perfect place for mermaids, especially to rest after long swims across the sea.

Imogen- It is believed that this name comes from a Shakespeare play as a misspelling of the name Innogen, a Celtic name which means ‘maiden, daughter.’ Mermaids are maidens of the sea, who are also considered daughters of the sea, and daughters of King Triton.

Ingrid- Ingrid has Scandinavian, German, and Dutch roots. It means ‘beauty’ and ‘beautiful goddess.’ Those are all words that are common descriptions of mermaids when it comes to lore. There are many goddesses that present as mermaids.

Jolene- You may recognize this name from Dolly Parton’s Jolene. The woman the song is about is described as a temptress who has “beauty beyond compare,” “flaming locks of auburn hair,” “ivory skin and eyes of emerald green.” Her voice is also “soft like summer rain.” Dolly paints a sparkling vision of a siren. The name comes from the French word ‘jolie,’ which means ‘pretty.’

Jordana- This name relates to mermaids for several reaons. There is a river called the Jordan river, which is located in the Middle East and flows through the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. It also means ‘flowing down’ like a river, stream, or waterfall, places mermaids might occupy.

Kadence- Kadence, or Cadence, is a beautiful sounding name that means ‘flow.’ Flowing is the motion of bodies of water like rivers, seas, and streams. Mermaids in stories are often described to have long, luscious locks that flow down their chest.

Lana- Hawaiian for ‘calm as still waters.’ The name can be a shortened version of Alana or Svetlana. It comes from the Greek name Helen. For music fans, there is also an artist named Lana Del Rey. She’s almost a mermaid herself, with songs such as 13 Beaches and High by the Beach.

Maree- The name Maree is a name of Latin and Irish origins meaning ‘ocean tides’ or ‘star of the sea. The name Maren is a variation that means ‘sea.’

Meredith- This is a name of Welsh origin that means ‘great lord’ or ‘sea lord.’ Also, ‘protector of the sea.’ This name is perfect for an ocean conservationist who would consider themselves to be a protector of the sea, which many mermaids are. 

Morgana- The name Morgana is a girl's name of French origin meaning ‘sea-circle’ It is a variation of the Welsh name Morgan, which is gender neutral and has a similar meaning. 

Muriel- The name Muriel is a name of Irish origin meaning ‘of the bright sea.’ It even sounds similar to Ariel.

Nerissa- Nerissa is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning ‘from the sea.’ This is also the name of a sea nymph from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. It may have been taken from the Greek word nereis, meaning ‘sea sprite’ or ‘nymph.’ 

Odette- Odette is the name of the princess turned Swan Queen from the ballet Swan Lake. The name has multiple origins, but in Albanian it means ‘sea.’

Priscila- Priscila is an English name adapted from the Latin word ‘prisca,’ meaning old. The name Priscila means ‘ancient,’ which is fitting for mermaids because they date far back to ancient times. There have always been tales of creatures with a human torso and fish tail throughout many different cultures. I also like to think mermaids have different life spans than humans and can live for hundreds of years.

Sapphire- A sapphire is a precious gemstone that comes in shades of blue. A shimmering blue sapphire resembles a mermaid tail of a blueish hue. Silvery blue is a common mermaid tail color in tv shows and movies. The name Sapphire is of Hebrew origin and means “blue.”

Sereia- A Poruguese word for mermaid, but also a name. It’s pronounced “suh-ray-uh.” You could shorten it to Raya. 

Tallulah- This name has Native American and Irish roots. It is a Choctaw name that means ‘jumping water.’ Other definitions include ‘flowing water’ and ‘bubbling spring.’

Trixie- This name means ‘voyager,’ ‘traveler,’ ‘blessed,’ and ‘happy’ Mermaids often voyage across the sea and travel to far away places. Trixie is short for Beatrix. A lovely sounding variation is Trixibella.

Ula- The name Ula is a girl's name of Celtic origin meaning ‘gem of the sea.’ Funny enough, it is an abbreviation of the name Ursula, as in the sea witch from The Little Mermaid.

Undine- The name Undine is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning ‘little wave.’ A variation of it is Ondine, which is the name of a water nymph who falls in love with a man, in European tradition. It’s just like in The Little Mermaid.

Willow- The meaning of the name Willow is ‘slender and graceful.’ The name is based on the willow tree, which can be described as beautiful and weeping. The tree has great symbolism behind it. Some say it represents balance, learning, growth, harmony, and strength.

 Mermaid underwater

Pop culture reference names

There are many mermaids and some mermen from pop culture, including movies, and shows. Many books tell stories of mermaids, but this section is focusing on mermaid names from the movies Splash, The Little Mermaid, and the show Mako Mermaids.


Madison- Madison is a clueless, curious, and comedic mermaid in the 1984 movie Splash, featuring Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks. The name means ‘son of Mathew.’

Splash Daryl Hannah

Little Mermaid:

Ariel- Ariel is the star of The Little Mermaid, as the youngest daughter of King Triton. She is a free spirit who wants to be independent of her father and experience the human world, almost to her own detriment. Ariel is a name of Hebrew origin that means ‘lion of god.’

Attina- Attina is the sister of Ariel, and the firstborn of King Triton. She feels a responsibility over her sisters, who sometimes see her as bossy. The name means ‘powerful and complete.’ It is also the name of a goddess known for wisdom.

Alana- Alana is the second born daughter of King Triton. She is most known for being interested in health and appearance. Her name is also the Gaelic word for ‘beauty.’

Adella- Adella is the third daughter of King Triton. She is more interested in romance than most of her sisters. Adella is and Old German name meaning ‘noble.’

Aquata- She is the fourth daughter of King Triton. She is known for lacking decorum and not wanting to share. The name means ‘water.’

Arista- Arista is the fifth daughter of King Triton who is known to be a fun-loving musician. The name means ‘harvest’ in Latin.

Andrina- The sixth daughter of Triton is depicted as the comedic one. She loves to be a jokester. The name is the female form of Andrew, which means ‘manly’ and ‘strong.’ Some similar names are Adaline, Adalyn, and Adele.

Athena- This is the deceased wife of King Triton and mother to Ariel and her sisters, who died when Ariel was very little. She has red hair just like Ariel. She was a beloved queen with a gift for music and singing. Athena is also the name of the Greek goddess of wisdom and war. 

Melody- She is the daughter of Ariel, seen in the sequel, The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea. She is much like her mother, being a stubborn free spirit who is defiant to her parents. Unlike Ariel, she wanted to become a mermaid.

Little mermaid ariel sisters names

Mako Mermaids:

Nixie- Nixie is the main character of the first season. She is adventurous and fun, sometimes ending up in trouble because of it. She is the most light-hearted of the mermaid friends. The name means ‘water sprite’ and is of German origin.

Ondina- Ondina was sent by the Mermaid Council to strip Zac of his merman powers, and she was originally bitter against humans, but she softens. She also engages in a romantic relationship with a merman named Erik. She is brave, suspicious, and sometimes stubborn. Ondina is a name meaning ‘little wave.’

Mimmie- She is loyal to the best friend Ondina, and is set on restoring the pod, but does not see Zac as a threat. She is eager to learn everything about the human world. The name most likely is a variation of the Hebrew name Miriam, the meaning of which is disputed. One of its meanings is ‘bitter.’

mermaid mako

Sirena- Sirena is a gentle soul, always a mediator between her mermaid friends. She has a beautiful singing voice. She falls in love with a human, an archetype for mermaid characters.  Her name is the Spanish word for ‘mermaid.’

Lyla- Lyla is a spunky mermaid who will become determined when she sets her mind on something. She develops romantic feelings for a merman named Zac. Her name has Arabic origin and means ‘night.’

Rita- Rita is the principal of the school that Mimmie, Sirena, and Lyla initially attend. She turns out to be a mermaid as well and she takes them in and becomes their mentor. The name means ‘pearl’ and is of Spanish origin.

Mermaid mako

Names that just sound pretty

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes a name sound beautiful. But here are some names I think sound nice and would work well as mermaid names. Many of these names have some spiritual or mystical elements to them making them sound like mermaid names.

Anastasia-This is a name of Greek origin. It means ‘resurrection.’ Variations include Anna, Annalise, and Annette.

Briella- Briella is an Italian name meaning ‘God is my strength.’ A variation of the name is Brielle.

Cassandra- Cassandra means ‘to excel,’ ‘to shine.’ It is also the name of a Trojan princess from Greek mythology. Variations include Kassandra, Cassy, and Cassady. 

Clara- This is a Latin name that means ‘clear,’ and ‘bright.’ This could be taken several ways. Clear could represent water, and bright could represent bright beautiful colors, or one’s intelligence. A variation of this name is Claire.

Delilah- This name is a Hebrew word meaning ‘delicate.’ It is also associated with a treacherous woman from the Bible story of Delilah, who cuts the power-giving hair of Samson, allowing him to be harmed. That makes it another good name for an evil or dark mermaid for a story or mersona.

Destiny- Destiny is a concept that is believed by many, a spiritual idea.  Destiny means that one has a purpose and events happen to play out a grand life plan of sorts. A synonym is ‘fate,’ which is the meaning of the name.

Eloise- This name is French in origin and its meaning is ‘famous warrior.’

Esperanza- Esperanza is the Spanish word for ‘hope.’ It is a Spanish name meaning ‘hope’ or ‘expectation.’

Essence- Words related to ‘essence’ are ‘soul,’ ‘spirit,’ and ‘lifeblood,’ It is considered to be the quintessential nature of someone or something. The name Essence means ‘aura.’

Felicity- This name comes from the Spanish word ‘felicitas,’ which means ‘luck and good fortune.’ ‘Felicitatious’ is the French word for ‘congratulations.’ Overall, the name generally means ‘happy.’

Jule- Jule is a variation of Julia, Juliana, Julius, Julie, or Juliane. It makes a pretty mermaid name because it sounds the same as ‘jewels,’ which are beautiful, radiant stones, similar to the beauty of mermaids and their shimmering tails. ‘Jewel’ is also the meaning of the name.

Lenore- This is a French name meaning ‘light.’ It was popularized by the Edgar Allen Poe poem titled Lenore.

Ophelia- This is a name of Greek origin that means ‘helper.’ It is also the name of a love interest from Shakespeare’s Hamlet and the title of a popular song by the Lumineers.

Renee- A French name meaning ‘born again.’ A related name is Renata.

Winona- This name sounds pretty like a mermaid and is perfect for a first daughter since it means ‘firstborn daughter.’

Merman name 

Merman names

Traditionally, merpeople are more often female, but there are stories of mermen as well. Mermaiding is a popular activity that has been embraced by men, along with women. Here are some names that make good merman names. Some of them have ocean-related meanings and some of them just sound cool and powerful, which is how I always imagine mermen. Here are some intense-sounding names suitable for mermen.

Asher- This is an English and Germanic name that means ‘someone who lived in an ash tree or grove.’ A variation is the name Ash.

Augustus- Augustus was a Roman emperor whose reign was shrouded in violence. The month of August was named after him, and also works as a variation of Augustus. The name means ‘venerable’ or ‘majestic.’

Caspian- The Caspian Sea is the largest inland body of water in the world. Essentially it is a large lake, having salty water diluted by fresh water. It is home to many fish, birds, and plankton, and has one mammal species - the Caspian seal. The coastlines of the Caspian Sea are shared by shared by Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Turkmenistan. ‘Caspian’ as a name is of English origin and means ‘from Qazvin, Iran’

Cyrus-The name Cyrus is a name of Persian origin, meaning ‘sun.’ More of its meanings include ‘young,’ ‘near sighted,’ and ‘lord.’

Damien- Damian means ‘the powerful man of the people’ It also means ‘to tame’ or ‘to subdue.’ Those are all words that can relate to mermen. Mermen are powerful and magical creatures, who may possess the strength or magic to subdue an enemy.

Davy- Davy Jones’ Locker is a phrase used to mean the bottom of the sea or getting shipwrecked and dying at the bottom of the sea with the sunken ship. According to legend, Davy Jones was the captain of the Flying Dutchman, a ghost ship doomed to sail the oceans forever. In Hebrew, the name Davy means ‘beloved.’

French merman, triton

Dorian- A French name that means ‘gift of the sea,’ or ‘child of the sea.’ Used in The Picture of Dorian Gray, about a man whose self portrait ages, while he stays young forever. This is relevant because merfolk are mythical creatures and could potentially live much longer than humans, or age differently. I believe mermaid can live for hundreds of years, while still looking young.

Douglas- This name has Gaelic origin, and its meaning is ‘dark waters.’ Perfect for a villainous merman! 

Drake- Drake is the term used for male ducks. It also means ‘dragon,’ or ‘serpent’ in Greek. Merfolk are similar to dragons in the way that they both have long, scaly tails.

Erick- The name of the prince from Little Mermaid, and the name of a merman from Mako Mermaids. It means ‘ever ruler’ from the Old Norse word ‘æn,’ meaning ‘always/ever’ and ‘ríkr,’ meaning ‘mighty/powerful/ruler.’ 

Fabian- This name comes from the Roman name Fabianus, meaning ‘bean grower.’ It reminds me of Jack and the Beanstalk, a fairytale story involving witches, giants, and magic beans, all things relevant to mermaid lore.

Finley/Finn- This name is mermaid related for obvious reasons. Mermaids and fish have fins. It is a traditionally masculine Irish name meaning ‘fair’ or ‘white.’

Halcyon- This is a name that means ‘calm.’ It is also the name of a bird in a Greek legend. It was said to have nested on the sea and calmed the sea so it could lay its eggs on a floating nest.

Hector- Hector has English, French, Scottish, and Spanish roots. It means ‘to check,’ or ‘to restrain.’ 

Hurley- Hurley is of English and Irish origin. The meaning of this name is ‘sea tide.’ A perfect name for a merman.

Ian- The name Ian is of Scottish origin and means ‘god is gracious.’ Ian is also short for Ianthe, who is an ocean nymph from Greek mythology.

Irving- This name has roots in Ireland, England, and Wales. It means ‘friend from the sea or handsome friend.’ It is a highly suitable merman name, given merfolk are said to be beautiful, and they obviously come from the sea, making them friends of the sea.

Jasper- This name is of Persian origin. Its meaning is ‘treasurer.’ Jasper is also a type of gemstone of a reddish-brown color.

Marley- A unisex name of English origin meaning ‘pleasant seaside meadow.’ Reggae fans might consider this name, since it is the name of famous musician Bob Marley.

Marlin- Marlin is a name of English origin. Marlin is also a clownfish, and the father of Nemo in Finding Nemo. Marlin is overcautious with his son because he is afraid of losing him. He later proves to be a brave and dedicated father when it came to finding Nemo. The name means ‘dweller at the famous land.’

Marvin- This name comes from the Welsh name Mervyn. Its meaning is ‘great lord.’

Morgan- Morgan is a Welsh name meaning ‘sea protector.’ Merfolk are known as protectors of the sea, so it makes a great merman name. There was also a Welsh privateer of the Caribbean named Sir Henry Morgan (Captain Morgan rum is named after him). 

Nathaniel- Nethaniel is a name of Greek origin meaning ‘gift of god.’  

Orion- Orion is famous in Greek mythology as a giant who was an excellent huntsman and would boast on his hunting abilities.  He is said to have been placed among the stars by Zeus, where he is now a constellation in the sky. Orion is one of the brightest constellations in the sky, visible all throughout the world. 

River- I’ve always loved this name, which is generally a male name, but would work just as well for a female. Needless to say, it is based on rivers, another example of bodies of water. It’s an English name meaning ‘stream of water flowing to the ocean.’

Sebastian- Sebastian is the name of the advisor crab from the Little Mermaid, who follows Ariel around on her adventures in the human world. He is wise and cares about the well-being of Ariel and her family. The name, which is of Greek origin, means ‘venerable.’ That means well-respected and wise.

Tiberius- The origin of this name is Latin. It means ‘near or from the Tiber river.’

Wade- Wade is the word used for moving through water. You may be familiar with the song Wade in the Water, a spiritual associated with the songs of the underground railroad. The name means ‘to go.’

Xavier- Definitely a unique and powerful sounding name, in my opinion. It is of Arabic origin and its meaning is ‘bright’ or ‘new house.’

Mermaid jamaica merman

Mermaid Marielle’s baby!

This article was inspired by Mermaid Marielle, who just gave birth to her first child, a daughter. Thinking of baby names gave her the idea to compose an article about mermaid related names. She chose the name Stella for her baby girl.

Stella- This is a name of Latin origin. It means ‘star.’ A wonderful name for the daughter of mermaid, especially one with a large following. She could easily grow up to be a star herself! She most certainly will be as radiant as a star, inside and out!

happy family with baby Marielle



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