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New Partnership with Artistic Swimming USA

Aquamermaid has recently become partners with USA Artistic Swimming. We are excited about this new endeavor, but what exactly is USA Artistic Swimming? First, let’s talk about what artistic swimming even is.

What is artistic swimming?

Artistic swimming is a sport that is performed in water, which incorporates grace, beauty, strength, agility, breath control, dance, and stamina. It was first recognized as a sport in 1945 by the Amateur Athletic Union. Initially, it was known as water ballet, but has since become known as synchronized swimming and now artistic swimming FINA (the international federation recognized by the International Olympic Committee for administering international competitions in water sports) officially renamed the sport from "synchronized swimming" to "artistic swimming" in 2017 to clarify the nature of the sport like being similar to Artistic gymnastics. *This update is really important for mermaid swimming as it now includes a broader group of aquatic sports. 

There are three types of artistic swimming forms. There is solo swimming, which is just one person performing a routine. There are duets, which include two people swimming together and performing a routine. Then there is team swimming, which is eight swimmers performing a synchronized routine.

What is USA Artistic Swimming

USA Artistic Swimming is a non-profit organization that was started in 1979. They are dedicated to the sport of artistic swimming and they plan, promote, and take part in competitions within the USA. They have three different age groups: Junior, Senior, and Masters. Each country has its own entity that manages the artistic swimming sport internally. 

How is artistic swimming linked to mermaid swimming?

As the name implies, artistic swimming is about the expression of art and athletic ability. It’s also about swimming, breath control, and posing. Mermaid swimming is similar in that way. Artistic swimming and mermaid swimming both incorporate elements of dance, ballet, and gymnastics, and freediving.

Aquamermaid partnership with USA Artistic Swimming

Mermaid swimming has become recognized as a sport and has reached a competitive level with Regional and international competitions. It should come as no surprise, as freedivers and competitive swimmers use the dolphin kick and even swim in monofins.

As partners with USA Artistic Swimming, we now proudly offer Mermaid Swimming Instructor certifications. This gives the opportunity for aquatic centers to introduce new programs and practices for swimmers, especially artistic swimmers.

Participants of artistic swimming often practice many different skills, such as ballet, yoga, gymnastics, and now mermaiding can be something they learn and practice, which can help with other skills. Mermaiding is a strenuous activity that requires strength and grace, so it is a perfect activity for athletes to do. It’s something fun that also helps keep up with swim skills and exercising.

There are several reasons why mermaid swimming is a good activity to be introduced to athletic swimmers.


  • Opportunity to compete and travel for competitions/perform in a giant aquarium.
  • Foster imagination and interest in aquatic sport with mermaid routine and mermaid costume.
  • Become a professional mermaid performer and get paid to perform at kids' birthday parties. 

If you are interested in taking mermaid swimming lessons find a mermaid school near you here


Mermaid swimming is a great way for aquatic centers and sports clubs to bring in an exciting new activity and make some extra revenue.

  • Diversify your program.
  • Novelty activity to keep swimmers interested.
  • A new source of income.
  • Drive traffic to your pool.

If you would like to start a mermaid swimming program at your facility you can request more information here 

Mermaiding is for everyone! It is great for people who love swimming for fun, people who swim competitively, artistic swimmers, and mermaid enthusiasts. If you are already a mermaid, then perhaps implementing artistic swimming into your mermaid training could be very useful for you. If you are an artistic swimmer and would like to learn more about mermaid swimming.  We greatly look forward to seeing where this new and exciting partnership takes us!

  • Implement a turnkey program - Get instructional material and posters to launch your program. 
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